On your mark…

This is not my first time blogging and yet everytime i start one I struggle with an intro. But this time I’m doing things a little differently. This time, it’s more personal.

I’m usually held back by mental restrictions and fears about what to do say or write. I let it rule me just like societal expectations do to us all in everyday life. But after a series of really crappy and unfortunate events, I’ve decided that no. I’ve had enough. Its time to do me in all my unfiltered glory.

This is me pushing my boundaries and finding myself. Finding myself by letting the world see me and refusing to hide anymore.

So who am I? I’m a small rural town biracial 21 year old woman from new zealand. One of the ones with her head in the clouds, heart on her sleeve and the overopinionated tenacity that all “mellenial’s” seem to have these days.

These are my thoughts, opinions and general randomness prompted by the world we live in. Everything from politics, theories, comparisons, sexuality and books I’ve read to my favorite nerf guns, sweets and why I think avatar is one of the greatest cartoon series to grace the earth. there will also inevitably be more personal topics of friends, family,  mental health and loves and losses. 

This is my safe place. My online diary of sorts, where I can express myself fully and without restriction.
My name is Moeaere. I am a dreamer, stuck in a world of realists…or am I the realist in a world of dreamers? These days it’s hard to tell.

Moeaere ✌🏼